Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's time, once again, for favorite products. Have I mentioned my love for people blogging their fav products. Love it so much. Plus the pics always load quickly and that makes me happy, as opposed to my Nikon pics. Here are some favs in no particular order......................

This is sugar free. This is only 60 cals. This is yum, yum, and more yum. Need I say more? The caramel flavor is awesome, too.

This is the best baby gift ever. Portable cereal spoon. You put the cereal or baby food in the bottom, put on the lid, and throw it in the bag. And some genius thought to put a little hole in the spoon so you can squeeze the cereal directly on the spoon part from the storage part. No need for a bowl or mess. Genius, I declare! This is a Munchkin brand from BabiesRUs. I will be using this baby soon. We are always on the go. Why, O, Why didn't I think of this???

TGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. The best dry shampoo ever. And it totally covers your roots if you have blonde hair and need a trip to the salon but haven't had time yet. I would drink it if I though it wouldn't damage my stomach, kidneys, and liver. Good stuff.

Sanuk shoes. Most comfortable shoes aside from my Uggs and Yellowbox. Your feet are on little yoga mat clouds. And......they make flip flops, too. Oh JOY!!!

Salt-Water Sandals from Hoy. The most precious children's sandals. They come in a few different designs and an array of colors. I love them and they wash off so easily. I recommend the silver, hot pink, and red.

I have a lipgloss addiction problem. I need lipgloss AA. I love this gloss a whole bunch. Buxom lip pump lip gloss. I get it from Sephora and I believe my fav shade is Dolly. It's kinda tingly and not too sticky. And it's shiny with tiny flakes of something. I love it.

I told you I have an issue. I would only have lipgloss in my purse if possible. I dearly love the American Beauty Fabulous Feel gloss in the shade poppy from Kohl's. It isn't sticky at all and the color poppy is truly the perfect shade. I also love Kohl's, but that's another story in itself. I can walk around that store for hours. Great gloss this store has.

Can I just tell you that Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus and a bag of Stacy's pita chips is all you really need for a meal. Dadgumit, it's good stuff. Try hummus if you never have. You might love it. Try them! Try them! You will see! Green eggs and ham taste good to me! Sorry, I just had to say that. But really, you should try it.

And Mary Kay just came out with this new cream eye shadow. You can put it on with a brush but I think I'm liking my finger. It dabs on quite nicely and stays. I'm lovin' bleach blonde and iced cocoa.


Mandi Watts said...

We should really get together and hang out sometime. We obviously have a lot in common! We LOVE the Sabra hummus and Stacy's pita chips here at our house, and also think it's pretty much all you need for a meal! I have also used and enjoyed the Buxom lip gloss. Good stuff! Love your favorite lists!

Funky Finds said...

Wow...I am glad you posted your favs always introduce me to products I've never even heard of! I tried dry shampoo once & it turned my hair white. I wonder if the rock star stuff would work on my dark hair...? And I must look those shoes up & grab some of the hummus next time I'm at the store. I'm always too scared to try the flavors (usually stick w/the plain 'ol) but this one looks tasty! :)