Sunday, June 1, 2014

Finley's First Grade Recognition

Finley on the morning of her first grade recognition. She picked her dress which is code for-she did not want to wear what I had picked out. Ahhh, the teenage year should be fun. We put sponge rollers in her hair the night before, but it was so crazy, I made her put it in a curly ponytail.

Finley and her teacher, Mrs. Sypert. She is a wonderful woman and such a blessing to all the kids in her classroom. We were so fortunate to have her this year!!!

 A little musical entertainment. She did a great job!

 Mrs. Sypert presenting Finley with her award.

Finley and Coach Scott-every kid at Smith loves Coach Scott!!! He is such a kind soul.

Finley received her award in Reading Fluency! Yay! She had a wonderful year!!!

My two nuts after play day. Our day was rained out, so they moved all the bouncy houses and activities into the school. It was a wild, crazy day! There were kids all over that school. And on a sentimental note, this is the last photo I have of these two walking to the car together after school. Slade goes on to jr. high next year and they won't ever be in the same building again the rest of their school years. Sniff, sniff.

Would you ever guess that there was a face painting booth??? The best part of the day was when I went down to Finley's room to deliver the afternoon snacks. Finley ran up to show me the note that was left in her locker. Slade had slipped in to her room at some point and left her a yellow Post-It note that said, "to Finley, love Slade" Oh my goodness, they really do love each other, even if they just show it about once every two months!!! She was excited to get a note from her brother.

Fifth grade boys last play day at Smith. It's been a good 6 years!!!

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