Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gunnar's Gym Show & School Program

Gunnar had his gym end of year show. He has been going the The Little Gym for a few months and he takes a gymnastics class. This summer he is going to do a sports readiness class there. It has been a hit-he loves it!!! Every Wednesday, he asks me all morning long when he can go to gym. 

Showing off his balance beam balancing skills!

 Medal presentation!!!

 Playing with noodles and running around hitting them on the floor is always a favorite.

Kyle and I enjoyed watching him perform!

 The boy has skills! lol!

 First Day of Pre-School - September 2013

 Last Day of Pre-School - May 2014. I can tell he is taller. And it makes me want to cry.

Sugar & Spice End of year program.

Gunnar's class were camels and sang Sally the Camel. He did excellent! I have it all on video and he even got to keep the camel ears and tuft of hair. It should come in real handy...... : )

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