Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gunnar Funnies.....

Some things I don't want to forget Gunnar said. He's my very funny kid.

I was trying to hide from Gunnar and jump in the bath. He's on a kick and likes to play in the tub like he's a fish and ends up getting water everywhere. I had told him no bath till tonight. I had managed to bathe and was drying off when he appeared at the bathroom door. He said, "Mom, you take a bath, then I take a bath."

This morning I told him that he had school today. He asks, "Mom, but can I watch Netflix a little minute?" Every block of time to him is a "little minute". Haha!

G has gotten into the habit of lounging around in his pajamas all day on the days we stay home. I had to dress him for school, to his dismay. He looked at me and whined, "I don't want to change, I want to wear comfortable clothes!" Let me just add, ALL his clothes are "comfortable" as he wears cotton pants and shirts most days!!!

He likes to pretend like he's a dog and crawls on all fours, barking, growling, and licking. He came up and licked me on the face when I was talking on the phone the other day! LOL! So when Kyle drops by the house in the middle of day, Gunnar immediately runs up to him and asks Kyle to play "puppy". Kyle pets him and plays fetch. It's all quite funny. Lately, though, when G gets mad at us for whatever reason, he says, "I'm not going to play puppy with you anymore!"

And there's so many more......I will have to keep thinking of them!!!

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