Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gunnar's First Dentist Visit

My boy went to the dentist last week for his very first visit. I wasn't sure how this would work because he is not a very good patient at the doctor's office. To my surprise, he did quite fabulous and it only took a bribe of "sugar free" gum! The visit did not consist of much. They just let them get used to the chair, the room, the dentist. So basically, I paid $65 for the dentist to count his teeth and say to come back and he would clean them. Although I felt it was totally unproductive, he at least knows what to expect next time.

He did say some funny things. After the dentist finished the 10 second, $65 count, Gunnar smiled and said, "that took thee minutes." Yes, my three year old felt we got scammed, too. When we walked out the door, he laughs and says, "That wasn't that bad." We shall return next month for a $120 cleaning. I hope it takes longer than three minutes.........

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Stephen T. E. Malfair said...

Now, that is one very witty kid right there. Hahaha! I think the better thing about it though is that he’s now used to being inside the dentist's office that you won’t have all of the drama that kids make every time they visit the dentist for a cleaning. Anyway, how did the tooth cleaning go? :)

Stephen Malfair @ Dentist Kelowna