Thursday, March 6, 2014

House Newbies......

Since we have moved in, which just passed the year mark in February(cannot believe that), I have been planning to get some shelves up in the kids rooms. They each have some furniture pieces, but no actual shelves. Slade needed some badly. I hosted a shower at my house this past weekend, so we did some sprucing up projects. Just in time for the party, we got all the shelves done and they look awesome!!! I'm so happy with them!!! 

 Gunnar's rooms. (sadly, these cell phone pics are to be desired) I had them painted a dark navy blue and they really look nice.

 I put up several things from when Kyle was a kid. The Twister Game spinner is from Kyle's house in Morton, the animal barn and McDonalds were all toys of Kyles. Also his little Bert & Ernie from Seasame Street are in the glass pumpkin of Margaret's on top of the stack of books. The blue sign by the monkey is a sign Kyle had in his room growing up, too.

 Love the corner shelves!!! The basket of stuffed animals at the top are some of Slade, Finley, & Gunnar's favorites or sentimental ones when they were little babies.

 Finley's shelf turned out great above her window seat.

 Slade has shelves on the other side of the window, too. He needed them the worst because of all his trophies. I just really love how everything is displayed.

Another project I worked on was this photo collage. I have tons of pics and frames that were still in bins from when we moved. I bought turquoise and black spray paint and recycled all of my frames and put in my favorite photos! I am so excited how they turned out!!!

On a side note, I sprayed the frames while it was windy out. Um, that night, Slade brought it to my attention that my hair was blue. Yep, all my hair had a thin but VERY noticeable blue sheen. I tried not to freak out, but was afraid that I would be leaving the house doing my errands with blue hair. I googled "how to remove spray paint from your hair" and found out that mayonnaise will take out spray paint. Yes, yes, my friends, mayo works!!! A word to the not spray paint while it's a bit windy outdoors.

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