Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 5 Books of 2013

Ok, I have a zillion holiday pics to put up, but I just have to take a minute to blog this. I'm on a full blown reading binge this Christmas break. I started looking and trying to decide what books I loved this year. This is so hard to pick. I love lots of books and I read all kinds of books. Sometimes, though, I know I have a favorite when either 1.)I cannot function with my daily life until I finish reading the book because I HAVE to know what happens and 2.)I miss the characters when the book is over because I'm emotionally invested. So here's my 5 favorite from this year......looks like I walked down the mystery road quite a bit.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
OMGOODNESS! Lordy, this book is crazy, sick, and sucks you in. I was speechless. I could not get enough of this twisted story!

Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand
Ya'll, this is my only non-mystery on the list. Something about this story just snuck into my heart. I absolutely loved this story. It was sort of mysterious at times but more of just a great story about several families and how their lives were intertwined. I will say that I shed a few tears at the end.

The Witness by Nora Roberts
Dear Goodness, I was not a Nora Roberts reader but I am now. This was a great story that I could not put down. I actually just finished it yesterday. Funny story. I started listening to it in the car. It was the unabridged version and goodnight was it long! But ya'll, I found my self wanting to drive around town for no reason. I even ate dinner in the car (several times). Finally, I was like this is ridiculous! I was at the library downtown when it opened yesterday morning to check out the book. I came home and read in bed till 2pm till I finished it (my kids were gone). And I can tell you I think I have a crush on Brooks Gleason. Yes, please read.

The Beach House by James Patterson & Peter De Jonge
Again, I had never read a James Patterson book. Love him. I am a sucker for mysteries. I actually picked this book for a silly reason! I love the movie, The Vow. Channing Tatum asks Rachel McAdams what her favorite book is and it was this. I found it on the shelf at Hastings for like $5 and I thought, what the heck. Love, love, loved it! Crazy story!

The Sixes by Kate White
Ok, this was a random pick. It was so darn good, I could not put it down! It is about a secret society on this campus. It was just so good till the very end. Pins and needles, I tell you!

Other books that I really enjoyed that I must include.......

The Heist by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg

Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle

The All Girl Filling Stations Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg

Heat Wave by Nancy Thayer

Entwined with You by Silvia Day

And soooo many more I cannot even list! Haha! I'm super excited to get my hands on a book that I hope will come out in 2014 written by one of my fav teachers ever!!!
Dead Javelinas Are Not Allowed On School Property by Charlena Chandler
aka Mrs. V-P.....The name alone is worth the read!!!

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Mandi Watts said...

I've read Gone Girl and Sparkly Green Earrings and loved them! I will have to check out the others. I sort of freeze up when faced with the overwhelming book choices out there, so I love to have recommendations. Thanks for sharing!