Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Fun!

I thought I would get these snow pics up since we are having a crazy snow/ice day again today!!! These are from the weekend before Thanksgiving. We had our first snow of the Fall. We had a late start to school. We also had a lovely late start today! Yay! I got to sleep till 8:10 this morning, thank you so much Gunnar Smart! 

Gunnar had no gloves so he wore socks on his hands after he came in with ice blocks for hands. I bought him some mittens this week, so we are more prepared today.

I would say Slade enjoys the snow the most out of everyone. He claims that it's in his blood to love snow because he was born in January. That seems logical to me.

Finley usually takes 15 minutes getting ready with all her snow accessories and stands outside for 5 minutes until Slade inevitably throws a snowball at her and she comes in crying. Gotta love brothers.

The cold, icy weekend kept us indoors, so we decorated the tree. I felt silly doing it before Thanksgiving, but I'm glad we did since Thanksgiving seemed so late this year. 

 Kyle put up our Christmas light, too. I loved these icicles hanging off the house! BRRRR!

Looks like it's gonna be a cold winter!

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