Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We decided to head to Iraan on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving as soon as Slade & Finley were counted at school that morning. A large part of the state had seen some crazy ice storms and really cold weather. Tons of ranch houses had lost power, which included the ranch. Mom and Dad ended up going without power for 5 or 6 days. It came on Thanksgiving Day, but we had already moved the party into Iraan at Nana's house! I'm sure Nana's house has still not recovered from Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!

 Cita had bought all the grands a gingerbread house. They got busy one night and worked their houses.

 Brandi's family was headed to Houston for Thanksgiving, but they didn't leave till Wednesday morning so Campbell got to decorate her house.

 The Smart crew busy decorating.

 Inny loved working on her house. She's our family artist! (Gunnar calls Finley, Inny)

 Finley's house

 Slade's house

 Gunnar's house. He went nuts on the roof.

 U.S.A. puzzles

 Big Dad & Cita with their grands.

Nana & Aunt Sue. Aunt Sue came from Colorado City on Wednesday. My Uncle, Aunt, Dawson, and my aunt's mother also ate Thanksgiving lunch in town with us.

 Kyle & G man. Kyle came Thanksgiving morning and brought Nana's Christmas lights. He puts up her lights every year.
 Our annual roof picture.

 It was chilly watching them put up lights!

 Pedro & Pablo helping with the lights. They are twin brothers-they really are!!!

 Finley on Thanksgiving Day.

 She learned on this trip that she could roll Nana's footstool all over the house while balancing on top. I cannot tell you how many hours Brandi and I spent doing this while growing up. I attempted to do it and Nana told me to get down-I'd break something. Yes, she was probably correct about that. I got down.

 Fin in the tub at the ranch-when we finally got to go back and the electricity was back on!

 Note to self....please apply lipgloss when you take a photo. Thank you.

Decorating some sugar cookies. We seemed to do lots of "decorating" this trip!!!

 The boys in the yard. We picked up sticks that had fallen in the yard during the ice storm.

 Slade shot three woodpeckers.

 Dad paid him $10 per bird!

And Gunnar just wanted to hold a dead bird. The End.

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