Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Funny Boy

After this crazy holiday season, I'm going to sit down and write about each of my kids and all the things they like/say/do-mainly for my memory. But I just had to write this down today so I don't forget it! I have a pretty funny kiddo that keeps us laughing every day. I think he is the "funny child".

Story #1
Last Friday, Gunnar had whined and whined about everything all day long. I was about to pull my hair out with him. It was one of those days. I had to go up to school and help with the older kids school parties and was super excited when he had to go with Kyle for a little while. Then after the parties, Kyle brought him back home where he whined several more hours with me.

We decided to meet Kyle for dinner that night. When we got there and sat down at the table, Slade spilled the entire glass of tea immediately when the waiter sat it down, to which it then went into my lap. So I was wet the entire meal. Somehow I was lucky enough that I ended up sitting by the "whiner". Gunnar has a new obsession of shaking the salt and pepper when we go into restaurants. He also wants to open up the sugar packets and pour them into everyone's drink. Even if they have water, Coke, etc. He has no preference.

In the midst of the tea cleanup, he managed to pour several sugar packets out onto the table and was licking sugar and saying, "this is tasty!" Which that is funny in itself to me. A few minutes later, he realizes how sticky his hands are. He wants me to wipe them and I, of course, didn't bring the wet wipes in my purse. (Side note: Does any mother dare leave the house without wet wipes???) I told him he was just going to have to use his napkin. He still was whining and wanting me to help.

Basically, at this point of a very long day, I was frankly just sick of him. I love him, but I was just at full capacity of Gunnar. I told him to clean it up himself because he had made the mess. He then proceeds to look across the table at Kyle. He holds up his two sticky hands and says, "Dad, we've got a problem."

Story #2
Gunnar has learned the words to lots of songs on the radio because he is always being hauled around while we taxi his siblings to and from their activities. Sorry, third child. He likes the Katy Perry Roar song. He also loves the Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel song. 

The other night I told him it was time for bed. In Gunnar fashion, he didn't want to got to bed, just like every other night of his life. He never wants to go to bed. I told him that he could either go get in his bed or he could go get in the chair and I would rock him.

He looked at me and said, "Rock me, Momma, like a wagon wheel."

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