Sunday, September 29, 2013

Slade Smart Happenings

So Slade has had an eventful month. 

 This was his hand 5 days after he hurt it at football practice. He was running with the ball and a kid hit him with his helmet while trying to tackle him. We iced it. And it never looked much different.  He did it on a Thursday and by Monday I though he needed to run to the doctor's office and make sure it was alright. We thought it was jammed bad. The doctor agreed and said that the xray looked ok but he would send it to the radiologist just in case. Tuesday afternoon I was doing things around the house house and my cell phone rings. It's Dr. Pollock's office wondering if I can bring him in immediately before he doctor went into surgery. Ummmm, Ok. I was a little flustered. Nobody had called me, and I was thinking what the heck?!?  Evidently, the hand doctor had called me before the other doctor called. I had to rush to school and check out both kids so we could make it the the orthopedic hand doctor before he left.

 NICEST. DOCTOR. EVER...He was the kindest man. They waited for us, talked to us, and did an extra xray so that I could see the BROKEN FINGER beside the growth plate. Yes, evidently the family doc missed it. Dr. Pollock said that he knew it was broken. Note to self......bruised AND swollen usually indicates that it's a broken bone.

Because of the location, he had to have a "real" cast, as in no shower, has to be wrapped in a trash bag cast. Fun times here during bath time! He wears this one until October 3rd, then he can wear a removable brace for a few weeks. Hopefully he can get to play the end of his football season.

His uncle and aunt in Abilene sent his a cookie bouquet because they felt sorry for him.

 Two weekends ago, Slade got a special treat! His friend, Ben's dad, is the Tech baseball coach. They asked Slade to the football game and he got to wear special passes and go on the sidelines. It was really cool!
 He loved it!!!

 Then we decided to kick him while he was down and get his ingrown toenail cut out since he's not able to play football right now. We went to the podiatrist last week, and he said that his nail just grows curved and it would always be sore unless he cut out the root. (yes, gross and painful)

 So five shots of Lidocaine, a horrible looking nail chisel, 10 extra long cotton swabs, and some nail killing acid later, they bandaged him up and sent him home with a note to sit out of P.E. the rest of the week.
 He was a real trooper!!! Tough as nails! And I know this because the same thing they did to him in the office, they did to me 15 years ago under local anesthesia. He's pretty tough. Yep, he inherited my ingrown toenails and white skin. Lucky boy.

 Slade's first day of Cotillion was this past Wednesday. He looked very dapper in his new duds!

A bunch of his friends are going to Cotillion and they, surprisingly, had a great time. I think these three liked to dress up "fancy"!!! LOL! They learned the Fox trot, manners sitting, escorting, and had to serve their dance partner punch and cookies. Slade's dance partner was named, May. He said she was really nice! Ha!!!

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Cari said...

Poor Slade! I know he's big now but still so freaking cute!!! Stop growing!