Sunday, September 15, 2013


 The boys went to the first Tech game of the season. Gunnar was into it! He came home with cotton candy.

 Kyle said that it was great with both of them! I dig the eyewear.

 Finley started her art classes at Art & Co. She attends Thursdays afternoons. They learned about brush strokes and she thought it was the best thing she's ever done. She has found her calling!!!

Last week Finley was the first Star of the Week in her class!

She made her star board all by herself!

Finley went to a soccer game with the neighbors. We have 14 kids that all play together on our street. These are some of the girls!!!

Gunnar got to have lunch with his sweet teacher from last year, Ms. Marla. Boy do we miss her! We met her and her twin boys at Chick-Fil-A. She got lots of hugs!!!

I bought this huge canvas at Home Goods in San Antonio this summer. I hung it in the hall, upstairs between the big kids bedrooms.

This is Ambo's desk from high school. He graduated in 1947 and it was sitting under Nana's carport. We brought in back with us on Labor Day. I wanted to put it upstairs for Slade to use.

I've worked on it for two weeks! Here's the end result after I cleaned it, chalk painted it, glazed it, waxed it, and spray painted the knobs. It is actually darker in real life and it matches the huge canvas in the kids hall. I'm in love with it. I just need to find a chair now!!!

 We have been finding these tiny little lizards around our house. And when I say around, I mean inside also. Finley was brushing her hair in my bathroom and she walked out and nonchalantly said that there's a lizard in my bathroom. Yes, we think it's weird, too.

We swam our little hearts out in the pool at the ranch on Labor Day. We had a green tint when we left because of the pool cleaner my dad uses to clean their pool with!

The kids helped Cita clean out her pond.

Gunnar sported my old paint apron while he made cookies with Cita.

Cita always receives lots of help making cookies at the ranch.

Finley pretty much knows the recipe by heart by now! Ha!

Eating popsicles at the pool during the last dog days of summer. Boy, I sure miss those summer days.

Finley went to Cotillion classes the week before school started. She had a great time! I'm trying to see if she's more mannerly now. I will keep you posted.....

Swimming. We love swimming. We miss swimming.

Slade is in full blown football mode. Practice three nights per week for two hours and a game on the weekends. Busy. Busy. Busy.

I just wanted a pic of the pristine, white, clean pants before they were stained to an oblivion. They were nice for a total of 15 minutes on the way to the practice field.

 Cheesy Lego maker.

We went to Violet's 3rd birthday.

Logan, Finley, & Violet. We also just found out last week that Violet is going to be a big sister in the Spring! Yay!!!

And we got to see our good friend, Jackson, who moved away. We miss that boy!

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