Monday, September 2, 2013

School is Back.....

It was a lovely summer and we were NOT ready to start back to school!!! We needed another month! But alas, August 26th was here in the blink of an eye, and it was back to business. Although, I don't feel like it is really school until September, but that is neither here, not there anymore. So, without further delay, here are the Smarties.......

 Slade Smart - 5th Grade, Mrs. Barkowski

 Finley Smart - 1st Grade, Mrs. Sypert

 Group shot for all the Smart kids.

And he was having a break down because he didn't get to hold the board in a picture! Kyle wrote his name and all was well!!!

I will be honest. Our first week was rough. It was hard getting into a routine. Nobody wanted to go to bed, nobody could fall asleep, and NOBODY wanted to do any homework. Slade had lots of homework the first week and Finley had something to do each night. It is just hard to go to school when we had been living it up the week before at the pool. And running around with friends. And going to bed when we felt like it. Sighhhhhh. It didn't help matters, either, that I threw my back out lifting Finley onto the bathroom counter and I was practically useless. I could hardly get around. The first week was not my shining moment as a mother, nor was it for my kids. The good thing  is that we get a repeat this week. Here's to a great 2nd week, and a four day week!!! Yay!

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