Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gunnar Starts Pre-School

Last week my boy started his Tuesday/Thursday Pre-School at Sugar & Spice. He finally got to legitimately hold the chalk board! 

This year he would technically be in the two's class, but a few weeks before school started I got a call. They asked if he could be moved into the three's class since he was a total Einstein and was bored with his grade level work. No, just kidding! Ha! They actually had about 10 kids from his old class that had October birthdays, and wanted to move the whole group up together into the three's class since they would be 3 so soon.

So far so good! I think he skipped learning colors and went straight to foreign language. I came home with all his work colored in red crayon. I asked him what color the ladybug was and he replied, "rojo". So I guess we've bypassed English. LOL!

Gunnar had a great first week. He loves his teacher, Ms. Shannon. She told me he was such a sweet little boy! His class is called the Cool Camels. The whole hall was repainted in an Ark theme. He picked out a shark backpack and it is pretty cute! I took it to get monogrammed and they spelled his name wrong. When I went back to get it after they fixed the mistake, they didn't even charge me! I love a great deal!

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