Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gunnar's End of Year Program

Look how he grew..........

       First Day in September                                                        Last Day in May

Gunnar's program was the same night as Finley's dance rehearsal. So Kyle and Slade took him and Finley and I raced back to his school after she danced and we walked in right when they were taking his class up on stage! We were just in time. Slade's awards were that day, too, so every child had something that day-yikes! We ran all over town!!!

Gunnar's class, the Tiny Turtles, sang some really sweet songs and in my opinion were the cutest performers!!!

 After his program, we took everyone to eat. Gunnar was crying and telling us to go home. He proceeded to wake up sick the next day. I took him to the doctor and he had RSV? And then, the next week he got pneumonia. The end of school was rough on him!!!
This is Gunnar's teacher, Miss Marla-one of the BEST preschool teachers any of my three kids have had. She was absolutely wonderful. She was just a blessing to us the entire year. We will sure miss her next year!

Gunnar and Miss May-she kept Gunnar somedays in after school care. She is the sweetest lady. One day they called me to come get him because he had cut the top of his head on this shelf and Miss May cried because he got hurt. I had to console her! Gunnar had the best year. The next week after his school was out, we dropped Finley and Slade off at school and he started crying in the back seat, "Don't go home, take me to cool (school)!

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