Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finley's Dance Recital 2013

Finley performed in her 4th dance recital.
Memorial Day weekend, May 25, 2013.

She was very cute with her flowers from Kyle that he gave her after her morning performance!

This was her first year to perform a ballet dance at the recital.

                                         She danced to the theme song to Beauty and the Beast.

Lined up for her first performance! Dance Gallery recitals are a BIG DEAL! We had rehearsal Thursday night and two performances on Saturday. I even took her out of school early on Thursday-it's a really big deal, I tell you!

Finley gave flowers to Miss Sloan. Sloan has taught Finley several years and I taught school with Sloan's mom! We always love Miss Sloan's name because that's Finley's middle name. This is Miss Sloan's final year-she graduated from college! We are very sad and will miss her terribly, but we are excited for her!

We had quite a debacle after her morning performance-she tripped and fell outside and tore a hole in her stockings! It was an ordeal and she was very upset. Thankfully Brandi had an extra pair of stockings for her to wear that night. We bandaged her up-the show must go on!!!!!!!

Fin and mom after her dance.

 More beautiful flowers!

If it looks like I put a ton of makeup on her-I do! They tell us to because on stage, it's the perfect amount because of the lighting. Otherwise, she might look pale. Every dancer wears the same shade of lipstick from Merle Norman-they give us a sample to use!!!

 Slade, Finley, and Ben Tadlock. Slade brought Ben because Ben's "girlfriend" was dancing. Oh, my, sighhhhhh.........

 Since we lucked out and Finley was the 5th dance out of 60 something dances, we brought Gunnar. And that was about the extent that he could handle. Five dances was pushing it, poor dude! She had always been near the end and this year was a treat to go so soon!

 Campbell and Finley-one of my favorite pics of these two ever!

 Nana, Campbell, Finley, Cita

 Taking some pics backstage.

This is Rebecca-she came from NYC to perform in the recital. She was Belle in Finley's dance, but she had lots of parts during the recital. The little dancers thought she was the greatest!

 Miss Sloan and Finley in costume.

Lauren, our sitter, brought Finley flowers, too. She danced at   the Dance Gallery growing up, too!

 A few on-stage close-ups........see what I mean about the make up fading out........

This is one of my favorite days of the whole year that Finley and I share together. During the morning performance, all of our family watches. Then at the night performance, just Finley and I go back together. After she dances, we stay and watch the entire show. It is usually over 3 hours total. And of course, this year's show was awesome. We loved it!!!

 Finley and Kariden

 For the recital, she had to wear her hair in a bun, like a true ballerina. But for dance photos, we could choose what style we wanted. We picked curls. I actually think I already posted these but I wanted to show the difference. She looked so big, and professional in her bun. She looks little and sweet with it down.

 Love her!

 Gunnar was such a help during photos......LOL!

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