Thursday, May 30, 2013

Slade's Awards Day

Slade and Ben

Last Thursday, it was 4th grade Awards Day. Slade received the social studies award. Which was fitting since he would rather read an atlas that a fiction book. Or that he's been obsessed with Texas history all year and we've all watched "The Alamo" ten times in the basement. And the actual Alamo is on his bucket list (although he's already been but doesn't remember). Like I said, I wasn't surprised!

 Slade and Mrs. Ray. He had four teachers this year, but Mrs. Ray was his homeroom teacher. Mrs. Ray doesn't put up with nonsense, which might or might not have been a problem with the boys in her class this year. But we survived.

 We had a little musical entertainment.

 Funny that my child that likes to sing the least of anyone was standing in front of the mike. Lol! It really wasn't that close, it just looks like it.

 Awwww, such a sweet group of ten year old boys.........................

And this is probably the reason why Slade was told they "would not be put in a classroom together next year because of too much talking".

Yeah, probably a wise choice on someone's part.

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