Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Smart Happenings.....

Just some things that have been going on around our little world.....

 Finley got all gussied up for her dance photos. This is her fourth year in dance! She is dancing to the theme of Beauty and the Beast.

 In the recital she has to wear a bun like a professional ballerina, but in our own photos, it's free reign. She chose curls. And we worked hard on our curls!
This was the day before I left for Canton and since the school called me to pick up G-man early, the barfer had to go with us to the photography studio. He didn't puke till we left. Gunnar calls his Finny, "a bawerina that has a pwetty dwess!"

 Someone seems interested in wearing undies. He also likes to pee in them. We haven't made the connection yet. Still have high hopes, though. He sure is cute in them.

 Yep, you are cute.

 These kids are eating homemade chicken strips. They are a mess to make so I don't do it often. When I do, though, kids come running out of the woodwork when dinner is ready.

 He loves to paint! We do a lot of dipping and washing the brush off, too.

 I took the kids to eat dinner one night and G fell asleep in booth. THIS. NEVER. HAPPENS. Remember, I have kids that don't really like to sleep.

 We do lots of baths in the jetted tub. It's very popular.

 Yes, my kids jump all over the couch. And remove cushions. And fall off, but still keep doing it again.

 Mid-air jump. That's how we roll. I have it on video, too.

 A little shaving cream in the tub, anyone?

 It snowed in April. Weird.

 Finley made cupcakes for her STAR party at school!

We had sleepovers one night and evidently I lost my mind because I agreed to 3 extra kids and I was alone. I had six kids here. It was craziness.

Let me just say....Boys eat and drink A LOT! After finding eight hundred empty cans in my garage refrigerator the last two years when friends come visit, I finally smartened up and bought the liters on SALE.
Thank you, McDonalds, for cooking a gourmet meal for six wild kids. Amen.

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