Sunday, May 12, 2013

Canton Trip

About two months ago my friend Shauna called me and asked if I wanted to go to Canton for her birthday the first weekend in May. Why, yes, I would like to make a Canton trip!!! I have been wanting to go and get some goodies for the house and the timing worked out great for both of us! So after many hours of planning and organizing sitters and children, we left last Friday morning. We stayed in Richardson with one of my friends, Cari. We really had a great time. Her kids went to stay with her aunt and we were childless for two nights! Which meant we got to bathe, eat, and sleep with nobody needing something. It was a nice break that we needed to recharge our batteries! We did have some minor kinks in the plans but ended up still going. The day before we left, they called me to come get Gunnar from school because he had puked. I was freaking out! He did throw up in my car again, but Kyle told me to go one and he would just keep him and take him to work with him on Friday. Of course I was scared I was going to get sick from him. I stayed well through the weekend but poor Shauna ended up with pink eye! She had to wear her glasses and her eye was bothering her but she was a trooper. The pink eye didn't slow down her shopping!

Shauna, Me, Cari-we have NINE kids between the three of us Kyle pointed out! We each have three! We also met Natalie there but I cannot get the picture of her to load for some reason. We literally shopped till we dropped!!! My legs and feet hurt the next day! Canton is east of dallas and there is an enormous trade days type place there that happens the weekend before the first Monday of each month. I believe they call it First Monday. And believe me when I tell you they sell EVERYTHING there, including the kitchen sink.

 It was already pretty and green there. I didn't know what to make of the green grass!

 Here are some of the treasures I found!  A chair for the desk in my kitchen.

 A giant red "S" for Slade's room. Poor Slade, I still haven't worked on his room yet since we moved.

I was excited to find some vintage marbles for my jar! I think the lady that sold them to me was a little crazy but she had great marbles!!! I think she had lost her marbles. : )

 I was needing something to put all my invitations, announcements, and cards on. I found this cool window that they had replaced with chicken wire.

 Here is it hanging with all my notes on it. I might paint the wood a color later.

 Some cute little letter flags.

I loved this metal cookbook holder. 

Cari & I before we went out to dinner on Friday night! While we were there, we got to eat at Papadeaux's, a really good mexican food place called Gloria's, Panera, and la Madeleine. I had never eaten at Panera or la Madeleine and they were so yummy! We even did a little shopping on Sunday. We went to Homegoods, my favorite place to visit and some outlet malls in Allen. We got home about 8:30 Sunday night. Super fun trip! It was a treat! And everyone did great with all the moms gone!

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Awww...wish I had known...we are only 2 hours East of Canton!