Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break = Puny Smarts

Spring Break this year was sort of a bust. Don't get me wrong, we totally enjoyed our week off, but we were puny! And wouldn't you know, just in time for a holiday! Boo! The kids got out of school on Friday and poor Slade woke up Sunday morning feeling bad. I took him to the doctor on Monday and they gave him meds for broncitis type stuff. He was coughing and felt terrible. His friend from out of town came to stay with him and I knew he felt bad because he slept while Jackson was here. He actually started running fever on Tuesday and got worse. We planned on going to Iraan Wednesday, so  that morning before we left, I ran him back to the doctor because his cough was worse. 

We went on the ranch because we figured he could be sick at the ranch just as easy as at home. He did alot of resting. Gunnar and Finley painted at Cita's table.

 The Smart boys were TIRED!

 Gunnar fed the goats.

 Thursday morning, Slade and I hiked around the ranch and gathered some flint rocks for Finley. Thursday night, my chest started hurting and I decided that it probably wasn't the best decision that I had let Slade sleep with me earlier in the week and he coughed ALL NIGHT LONG. Uggg!

 So Friday morning I wake up and I feel like I have a chest cold. I laid on the couch all day and didn't feel like doing anything. This was the beginning of me feeling bad for the next 11 days. It was super fun.
 Gunnar ran around a lot.

 They dug in the dirt.

 Gunnar helped Cita while we played Scrabble with Nana. I won, btw! Hehe!

Finley and G even got a bit wet. It was warm. And if you think that I unfairly take way more photos of Gunnar, you are wrong. Finley is in a-I don't want my picture taken-stage. It's lovely. I have mostly pictures that are blurry of her running away from the camera. One day, she will wonder why there are no photos of her when she was six. For the did not want your picture made, Sister. So there, I said it.

I packed up and came home Saturday, feeling bad. On Monday, I still felt terrible, but was determined to "tough it out" and not go get antibiotics. Monday morning, Gunnar spent the morning screaming and telling me his ears hurt. So when I picked up the kids from school, we took G to the doctor and he had a double ear infection. Geez. I spent the rest of the week feeling bad and then on Saturday night, Finley wakes up and pukes all over the couch. She's running fever by Sunday morning and I take her to the doctor after lunch. Of course, she has strep throat! And I still feel bad and all the kids are on medicine. It was a lovely three weeks. Finley missed school on Monday and I probably didn't feel good till about Thursday. I was so sleepy at night and my body could not catch up on rest. Like I said, we were a pretty puny bunch in March. Get this family in some sunlight!!!

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