Friday, March 8, 2013

Gunnar is 28 Months

I wonder if it's a problem that I am still counting Gunnar's age in months and he's almost two and a half? It's a hard, hard thing to let go of the baby details. It's fun to watch him grow but so sad to see it happen! I don't think I've written about G man in a while and all he doing these days! 28 months aka almost 2 1/2 here we go.......

This boy is turning into quite a character! The last month or so he has started talking about everything.  Like, I can have a conversation with him. I can reason with him (some days). This week he told me, "Get up, shut caputer(computer), get me drink, Mommy!" Oh, Lord, child!!! He is also really funny. He wants me to notice that he's being funny and says, "I funny, Mommy." I love how he concludes his sentences with "Mommy". I adore it! He's been singing songs that he learns at school and speaking of school, he LOVES school and LOVES his precious teacher. He has the best teacher, and I am so blessed we were placed in her class. I dropped him off last week, and I was hanging around and he looked at me and put his hand in my face and started waving-I think that was my cue to leave! I leave him some days in extended care, which is three hours extra after school is over at 2:30. He loves to play with all the kids that stay. Well, they called me yesterday and told me he had a little injury and was in the office. I went up there to pick him up and he was in an adult sized rolling chair holding a pink dum dum in one hand and a pack of Smarties in the other! He had walked under the little cubbies and apparently caught the edge with the top of his head and was bleeding! He was fine and I laughed when I saw him-he just smiled really big at me. If you know Gunnar, the way to his heart is through a lollipop. That boys loves him a good lollipop! We put a little Neosporin on his head last night, but he was otherwise fine.

Gunnar is still in a finicky eating stage(and I don't know why because he ate everything as a baby). Some days I'm not sure what he uses for fuel. He really just takes a few bites and is finished eating....drives me nuts!!! But he seems to be growing because some of his pants are too short so I guess he's getting some nutrients! His favorites these days......chocolate milk, green beans, eggs, ketchup, tea, beans, nuggets, weenies, bananas, strawberries, yogurt, chips, cereal, apples, cooked carrots, french fries, and basically anything sweet. He has a sweet tooth-he would fight for an Oreo! He would survive on ice cream if I would let him. Not the breakfast or diet of champions for that matter but I keep trying. He weighs about 32 lbs and is wearing 2T clothes an size 7 shoes.

He loves to ride his scooter around the house, wrestle with Slade, and he loves his Finny. He actual calls her Inny Mouse. Kyle would say something like little bitty Finny Mouse and Gunnar started calling her "Inny Mouse". It's the cutest thing I've ever heard and now we all call her Inny Mouse. He says, "Inny Mouse take a bath with me, Inny Mouse come with me, Inny Mouse get me my cup". Finley mothers him like a little hen. Sometimes I hear her tell him that is he doesn't do this or that, he's going to bed! It's too funny! G has also started to become addicted to the ipad. He knows how to pull up Netflix and watch himself a cartoon. It's amazing what these kids can do. He loves a puzzle game called Tozzle and is a master at putting puzzles together. His fingers are just swishing all over the screen! He also figured out this week how to take photos on my iphone. So know I find all these random photos of carpet, legs, feet, walls, and such on my phone. He cries when Kyle leaves for work and always wants to ride in the "pick-up truck" accent on the "p"! He's big on putting things in the trash for me and hates for his hands to be dirty. He screams, "sticky hands" and that means to wipe his hands off. He also says, "I've got boogies" and we should wipe his nose immediately!

My boy likes rockets, robots, zoo animals, stacking blocks, trains, dirt and trucks. He says, "rockets in space pshhhhhhh". His fav shows at the moment are Team Umizoomi, Dora, Diego, Max&Ruby, and Bubble Guppies. He is still afraid of heights and doesn't like us to throw him in the air or swing him. He loves to slide, though. He loves to brush his "teefies" and would each all the toothpaste if I let him. He loves to bathe but will not get into the tub till it is filled up and the water is turned off. He doesn't want the water running while he is in the bath!?! This guy is the best haircut customer you have ever seen. He has to get his hair cut fairly often since I can't bare to part with his semi curls. When I take him in, I see that sometimes the girls are cringing that they drew the two year old card, but it's always a pleasant surprise! He sits there and watches my phone and never moves an inch. They never can believe how good he is. I think for as much as this child cried as a baby, he owes me that! Ha!

I could go on for days talking about all the amazing things this boy does. He is a mess but we can't remember life without him!

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