Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentines Day

There's been ALOT going on in our lives lately. We have had our plate full....and a mug and serving bowl, as well. I can't wait to tell you about our most exciting news and hopefully I can blog about it this week when I load my photos. I will say, since the holidays, I have been a total loser with my camera. I have got to get back in the groove taking photos. I even bought a new lens with my Christmas money and I have been a major slacker! I. Will. Do. Better!!! We went to the rodeo with my parents last weekend and I forgot my camera and had to use my iphone! What the heck has happened to me?!?! And as you will soon see, I also forgot to take the camera to the Valentine's parties. What can I say.......I've got more kids than memory now! But here are a few snaps of V-Day.

Finny Minny at her kinder Valentine's party. Her hair was fixed when she left the house and when I arrived in her classroom, it looked like she had been in a wind storm. But she's still cute and I will keep her.

I had to take cookies to her party. For the first time, I bought cookies (gasp) instead of making something! I just simply ran out of time. Fortunately, the kids didn't and care and the party still went ahead, nor were the kids bothered in the least that they ate Wal-Mart cookies. Good to know. A cookie is just a cookie to a kid.

Slade's party was pretty fun. In 4th grade, they combine the entire grade and have a giant party in the gym or cafeteria. There were games, music, ice cream sundaes, and craziness! I took cherry 7-Up to his party and also ran the Valentines Bingo game. It was a great party! I had to go back and forth between his party and Finley's party. And poor Gunnar just had his little party without me. All three had a party at the exact same time. 3 kids plus 1 mom equals not enough time to go to all the parties. I figure Gunnar won't remember who was at his party this year. I see my future being a bit more tricky especially since Kyle and I have come to the realization that at some point in the future, we will have one child in elementary, one child in jr. high, and one child in high school. That should be interesting. At least Slade can drive his siblings around by that time. Although, I'm sure he won't want to! I will just block that out for a few more years. (Oh, goodness, I just counted how many times I said "party" in that paragraph! LOL!)

And so not to leave out G man in this post, I had to show you the wonderful surprise he brought me the other day. He walked into the living room with his poop. Nothing says, "Happy Valentine's Day, Mom!", like a ball of poop. Thanks, Gunnar! Life was a little too pleasant. I had to be reminded how it felt to be in the trenches of motherhood again..............Oh, and just so not to leave you with poop on the brain, I sent strawberries to Gunnar's Valentine's party. Cookies, cherry 7-Up, and Strawberries. And poop. Ha, just kidding!

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