Friday, April 5, 2013

Moving On.........

If anyone has been looking for the Smarts at our address of the last 9 years, you won't find us there! We've moved!!! For several weeks, I've been working on a little project....OUR NEW HOUSE!  We've been in our new pad about six weeks, and it has been BUSY with a capital B!!! Plain and simple, we were stuffed in like sardines at our old house. Gunnar didn't have a room. He was sharing with Finley and we made it work for two years, but it was getting tough. There was just no space. This fall, we looked into enclosing our back porch but ran into several snags. Plus, we didn't think we would ever get the money back that we would have to put into it. After Chirstmas, we ended up finding a gem of a house. The hysterical thing is that it is only four streets north of our old house! What can I say, we love our neighborhood. Here are a few pics of the house!!!

This is our breakfast nook. I am super excited because we finally bought a table that had enough chairs for our family. The other table had four chairs, so we've been pulling up a card table chair for two years! I love my plates on the wall-most have a special place in my heart. They are my moms, Nana's, great grandmothers, great-great grandmothers, etc. The third one from the left came to the ranch where my parents live now in sawdust inside barrels on a wagon-it was my great-great grandmother's china. I hope to add more over time!

 This is the other side of the breakfast nook. These stairs lead up to two bedrooms. Any guesses who took over these two rooms??? Yes-Smart #1 and Smart#2.

 My kitchen------cannot express my love for this kitchen enough!!! They just redid the kitchen to put it on the market. I. LOVE. THIS. KITCHEN!!!

There's this cute desk in the kitchen. I've never had anywhere to put cookbooks, pens, pads, papers, tape, coupons, bills, etc. I am looking for a cute chair. We just can't rid ourselves of the card table chair, ha!!!
One view of the living room. It has wood floors and I bought a remnant of carpet and had it bound on the edges so it would work as a huge rug. It's very cozy!

More pics of more rooms to come! These were the only rooms that were half way picked up today!


Mandi Watts said...

Looks like a beautiful house! Congrats!

Funky Finds said...

Wow! It looks like a fantastic home! I know you were so ready to move into a bigger place. Very happy for y'all!!!! ~ Jess