Saturday, January 28, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas......

It has been a very busy month. Between birthdays, showers, well checks, illnesses, parties, movies, basketball practices, and all the regular stuff we do daily, we've been busy little bees here!!! And seeing that it is almost the end of January, I thought I would get our family Christmas morning photos up, mostly for my memories!

Up, bright and early at the 5 o'clock am hour on Christmas morning. Of course the two older were excited. Gunnar wasn't sure why he was up and what was happening?!?

Thank you, Santa, for a Rapunzel house, telescope, and four wheeler, plus some really fun stocking stuffers.

All he was really concerned about was how to get into the chocolate candy.

This just makes me laugh!!!

Sister picked out some really nice jewelry for me!

A photo collage we made for Dad to put in his office.

And it snowed. How fitting for a fun Christmas morning!!!

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