Monday, January 2, 2012

School Christmas Parties

Santa came and visited Finley's school the week before Christmas break. He gave everyone a wrapped book! I was very surprised she sat on Santa's lap because she is not a fan of life-sized characters. She has been traumatized her whole life by the Chick-Fil-A cow and the mouse at ChuckECheese! I think we might have turned a corner this year!

Slade's classroom party was the week before he got out for Christmas break. It was on a Friday, and I had signed up to help out. It was my first time having Gunnar with me at a party and basically I didn't get to help the other moms at all! I spent my time chasing Gunnar around the room, who was running out the door and into the hall or ripping things off the teacher's door. He ripped an arm off of someones artwork-oops! In this photo, they are playing a game with a cookie. The person who got the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands was the winner. It was a rather difficult challenge! Ha!

Once I got him contained he just ran around the room, holding this unopened Coke can, acting like he was drinking it!

Christmas cupcakes, fruit, and a Coke!

The photon(not sure if I'm spelling this correctly???) was a big hit with G, as well. He sat on it forever. The kids thought he was so funny!

Another cute game they played at his party was the Present Game. They all sat in a circle and passed a gift around, like a cake-walk game. Whoever had the gift when the music stopped, got to unwrap the gift. About four times, it was just another gift. On the fifth gift, they unwrapped it and it was a box full of candy canes for each student. They loved it!

The let Finley do the artwork at the party too! They made Christmas cards to send to the military.

Finley at her school party.

We decorated her stocking at home and took it to school. She did almost everything by herself!

She made a nativity and beaded stocking ornament.

She had cheese & crackers, fruit, and they decorated cupcake. Gunnar had a party but I didn't go because he would have gone nuts and wanted to leave with me. Gunnar had nuggets and fruit at his party. They sent a sweet ornament with his photo in it home to me.

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