Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Slade's 9th Birthday Party

On the 20th, we celebrated Slade's birthday with six friends. Six, crazy, rowdy boys!!!

Kaleb, Isaac, Slade, Nyan, Peyton, Jackson, Bob-they met at our house after school on that Friday at 5:30. They ran all over the backyard and played a little while.

Our first stop was Pizza Hut. I was thinking it would be busy and loud, but we walked in and there were two quiet families with some small kids and an older couple. I started to sweat it and got worried that they were going to be too loud. The waiter came to take our order and acted like we were perfectly welcome and they were wonderful. I felt at ease after he was so nice and we ordered them cheese and pepperoni pizzas. They acted very well-we just had to shooosh them every few minutes because they were talking like they hadn't seen each other in years!!!

Next stop, Main Event (not my favorite place at all, but I gave in on this one). They got registered for laser tag. Kyle & I just sat and waited for them to finish, about 30 minutes.

After laser tag, we gave them each a game card and they ran all over the place playing different games.

After they all ran out of money, they redeemed their points for toys.

Then we went back to our house for cookie cake and presents. Gunnar was at home asleep with a sitter and Finley was gone to Iraan.

Slade wanted a Texas Tech cookie cake.

My boy is getting so old!!!

Oh, my!!! What was funny was that they could care less about the cake. They wanted to drink. I guess they were thirsty from the games. I had alot of cookie left over.

Slade insisted on lighting his own candles. Something about boys and fire.......

They were so loud and crazy! They were running everywhere. They were just like a bunch of girls throwing their gifts at Slade for him to open. It was hilarious!!! And would you believe me if I told you Gunnar never woke up once and it was so loud!!! They played basketball outside till all the parents came to pick them up at 10pm! We really had a blast-such a fun birthday!!! This was a great group of boys!!!

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