Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

I have no organized thoughts tonight. I'm plum pooped. This past week was a little crazy. Gunnar had strep throat at the beginning of the week. Which was weird, because I didn't think babies really got strep throat. Anyways, now I think he has a little cold. He's been coughing at night and sleeping horrible. Well, more horrible than he usually sleeps. I have been a zombie.

We had a garage sale on Saturday morning and that took the big part of the week to get ready for. Actually, Kyle did most of it, which lead to him hurting his back. He was in pain when he got home Friday night and actually went to the doctor on Saturday. Let me just say that he must have been miserable because he NEVER goes to the doctor. The doctor said it was sciatica, so there's not much he can do about it until it just gets better. After waking up about 15 times per night with Gunnar, I got up at 4:50 on Saturday morning, fed him, got dressed, and started working on putting stuff out in the drive way because it started at 7am. I'm still wondering why we started at 7? Anyways, Brandi kept the kids till after lunch and then I packed up what I could that didn't sell.

Random Thought-I read in my Parents magazine to put paint in egg cartons to let your kids paint with. I loved this idea and it worked great!

We had supper club at my house Thursday night also. Yes, it was a busy week around here! I don't think I've blogged about Supper Club yet. There is a group of 9 of us. We are getting together at one person's house, once per month. The person who's house we go to is incharge of the main dish. Then the other's bring appetizers, sides, dessert, drinks, and party favors. We have a different theme each month. This was my month and we did Mexican because of Cinco de Mayo. We had dinner out on our patio and Kyle got it all fixed up with our summer flowers and plants. It looked so nice. I made homemade enchiladas-sour cream/cheese and beef. All the food was yummy. We've only done it twice so far, and last month our theme was eggs for Easter. Each dish had to have an egg included in it. That was really cute. So we have had a really fun time so far!

Isn't that a sweet face! He ate carrots for the first time tonight. My friend, Angela, says that it's a good thing he is so cute since he doesn't sleep, haha!

Cell phone pic of "The Crew"

How sweet are these boys! I'm glad Slade has a brother. He loves Gunnar so much and is so good with him. He cannot stand for him to cry. He also likes to tell me how to take care of him-I'm not sure what I do without him when he's at school during the day, LOL!

And my Smart babies. I love this pic of them. We were getting ready for Beth's little boy, Logan's 2nd birthday party.

And someone is starting to really like to sleep on his belly now, thanks to Natalie's suggestion. It's working out better for him. Now, if only he could stop waking up to eat three times per night. Any suggestions in this area?????????? Momma ain't sleeping 'round here.

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The Boyd Gang said...

Sorry no suggestions for sleeping longer!! Sawyer still gets up 1 or 2 times a night and usually ends up in my bed.

I got the cake plate from a garage sale for $2!! I love it!