Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me!!!

On Saturday night, I was treated to a wonderful night's sleep in Slade's bed, all by myself, with no crying, no bottles, with uninterrupted sleep for SEVEN whole hours! Heaven help me, it was pure joy! And that would have been enough of a perfect Mother's Day for me. But there was more in store for my wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday morning. Early in the wee hours of the morning, I was told there was some scurrying around in the bedroom I was sleeping in, unbeknownst to me. A 474 could have landed in the front yard and I wouldn't have noticed because I was sleeping so soundly. Some hidden objects were moved into the kitchen and then they swarmed in on me at 7am and told me my breakfast was ready!

I walked into the kitchen to find this.......waffles, fresh strawberries, tea, & pink lemonade. Slade has prepared the breakfast his own self and forced Kyle to take him to the store the night before so I could have fresh strawberries. They chose tea, my favorite drink. And Finley picked he pink lemonade. I also had three precious cards from them, including a voice recorded one that has all their voices on it wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. How cute is it that the waffles are on a paper plate!!!

I also had a red rose-I believe that was chosen by Finley.

And a brand new MacBook Pro! I.was.shocked!!! Speechless. Still am. Oh the excitement I have for this little device. I have really bad history with Dell laptops and this was a total surprise! I don't deserve it but I'm keeping it. It makes me think of Forest Gump saying, "He got us invested in some kind of fruit company?" LOL!!! Be expecting some fabulous blogging from this baby!

This child was so excited. He worked the whole night before stashing syrup, plates, forks, and who knows what else in his drawer to get ready to make me a surprise breakfast. I went to a movie Saturday night and Kyle took all three kids to the grocery store to get the strawberries. How cute did that have to look with all of them walking into the store at 8 o'clock Saturday night!?!

All my sweet kiddos.

And my red rose.

Rose in mid-air!!! Notice Gunnar in the background wondering what the heck!?!

And then we got dressed and went to church. We had hamburgers for lunch at Brandi's house and spent the afternoon with them. It was way hot, so the kids ran in the sprinklers and Slade even got burned on his shoulders! We had such a fun day!

Best Mother's Day on record. Thank you Kyle, Slade, Finley, and Gunnar! I love you! You make my life!

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