Friday, May 6, 2011

Out With The Old.........

As I was saying, Out with the Old..................................

In with the NEW! Our 2010 Suburban! (Slightly used, but new to us)

Yes we traded in our trusty old 2002 Tahoe.

Yes it was such a good, good car.

Yes I got it when I was four months pregnant with Slade.

Yes I had it when I brought all three of my babies home.

Yes it has seen me through good times and bad times.

Yes it has seen it's fair share of hail, wind, snow, & sleet.

Yes it once had a run-in with a deer, Kyle's fender, & one very flat basketball.

Yes it has seen it's fair share of apple juice, Diet Coke, and puke.

Yes it once smelled like rotten eggs which lead to a new battery.

Yes in 9 years it hardly ever saw the inside of a mechanic's shop.

Yes it has been known to conceal the occasional lost month-old chicken nugget/french fry.

Yes I'm taking a walk down memory lane about a car.

Yes I did take pictures of it and had a hard time cleaning it out for the last time.

And, yes, I may have bawled like a baby when I drove it to the car dealership one last time.

We have been halfway looking for a new car since last fall since we added baby Smart #3. And a few weeks ago we can across this little beauty. I am happy with that extra 16 inches of room a suburban provides. A CD player that works and stain-free carpets. And even more spots with which to spill our drinks from. And it's certainly nice to have room for the baby stroller AND the groceries. But it is bigger and I feel I have to be a bit more cautious while driving and backing out. But, it is a beautiful silver color. My favorite car color is silver.

You see, silver cars and I go way back. My first brand new car (not counting the old burgundy and tan trainer truck equipped with metal deer guard and propane tank) was a 1996 silver Chevy Camaro. Man, oh, Man, did I love that car! I felt really cool in it. Maybe back in the far reaches of my mind, I thought getting another silver car might restore myself to my former glory and my hair back to it's former natural laying out by the poolside blonde, but I'm thinking that ship might have already sailed. Would you believe there's no red & black high school graduation tassle hanging from my mirror, no Iraan High School letter jacket in the back. They didn't even include an Ace of Base or Hootie and the Blowfish CD!?!

I'm not sure what's going on. The last time (today) I looked in the back of my new silver ride, there were two carseats, a bin of toys, one size small pink ballet shoe, a left-behind Lego, and a stained burp rag. I think I've evolved since 1996. Or changed. Or something.

I told Kyle that I love this new car, but it really does "Officially" make me a mom. He said that the suburban didn't make me a mom-the three kids living in my house did and I was already "Officially" a mom. Yes, I guess he's right. Nope, there aren't any similarities to my former glory car and my spacious new ride, aside from the fact they are both silver and Chevrolet. And I've come to discover a few great things the past few weeks that really are grand about my new silver phantom (Unfortunately there was no change in my hair).

I feel in my heart that this new silver suburban is far superior to that measly old Camaro in at least four ways.

1.)Deer really don't stand much of a chance with a Suburban. They could hurdle the Camaro.

2.)I actually do have room to put two carseats in the back and those seats are accessible by doors-4 to be exact, whereas the Camaro was not kind to backseat guests on their way to a football game.

3.)A warning signal actually beeps if I were to get too close to a bike or fender. The Camaro did not possess this amenity.

And lastly..................................................

4.)I will never, I repeat, NEVER, be a distracted driver looking for a Hootie and the Blowfish CD ever again. I now have access to XM Radio. And that my friends, beats the size 8 Girbaud jean pants off the Camaro any day.

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