Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My New Obsession

Yes, I do have another obsession besides my desire to live in Forks, Washington, and marry Edward Cullen. My new obsession could not be further from the Twilight world, and that is the Baby Food making world! Thrifty....yes. Resourceful.....yes. Pathetic that I love to do this....perhaps. But I am sickly addicted to making it. I can't make enough. I think it's some type of therapy. Or something.

Last night, I made all of this-sweet potato/green beans, apple oatmeal, & pumpkin/mango.

Even though I already had this............

And this..............already frozen.

Not to mention this, which I don't even have to cook. You just mash it up.

We are going to try green beans for the first time at some point. When G eats all the 500 other things I have frozen.

And I just love pumpkin. No, I don't make pumpkin. You actually can't buy a pumpkin right now. Or not anywhere I've been. I might try that this fall. Or I might just decorate the outside and continue to buy it. I can only do so much. And the cover on the pumpkin can is so cute. You could say I'm a baby food maker extraordinaire. And if you know anyone who needs some baby food, you know where to send them.

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