Monday, May 3, 2010

This Kid

As a mom, I sometimes find myself pointing out to my children the things they've done wrong, instead of praising all the good things they do. In my defense, I think I just want so much for them to grow up-to do the right thing. So I'm quick to jump in and point out what is wrong so that we can correct it. This kiddo right here is the one I do it to the most. Slade really is just an awesome little boy. He has grown from being a rowdy, hyper, into something all the time, crazy toddler to being a young boy. He is such a joy. And I don't tell him enough how wonderful he is. He is such a good kid. Don't get me wrong-he still picks on his sister, gets frustrated at me, yells at Finley, tears up perfectly good toys-but the good so much outweighs the bad.

He turned 7 after Christmas and overnight, he just grew up. He is so kind. He will bring me a cool wash cloth if he hears me say my head hurts. He writes sweet notes that I find lying around his desk. He is content to be in his room, building Legos, reading nonfiction books, playing games. Sometimes he's so quiet, I have to go look for him. He is a big bike rider now. He rides all over the neighborhood and comes back and checks into me when I say. He takes out the trash for me now-love that so much. It's so funny how for so long you take care of their every need and then they start to become self sufficient. He will just go make himself a peanut butter sandwich and one for Finley, too. It's such a funny feeling as a mom to see them help themselves. They are little human beings.

He gets himself ready for bed and turns out his own light-that just makes him seem so old to me. He has an opinion now. He had to memorize a poem for school a few weeks ago. I felt pressed for time for him learning it and suggested a shorter poem. He told me that he would do the long one because he would get a higher grade. Ok, one for the kid!!! Not once in two years have I had to make this child get up for school. We wake him up and he immediately heads for the shower. He has not once ever complained to go to school. Kyle and I even kid with him and ask if he wants to skip school and he'll look at us like we're crazy and says, "No! I have to go to school."

He is such a good little student and so smart. I'm so grateful that school seems to come easy for him. He wants his work to be correct. He was upset to get an 88 on a paper, for goodness sake!!! I was thinking the other day that I don't think he's made less than a 98 on a spelling test the entire year. I sat there and thought, my gosh, I have got to praise this child. I just expect him to do well now, but I really need to tell him every single day he does a good job. Two weeks ago, I took him to a movie on Tuesday night for doing so good in school. Just us two. I'm so glad we did that.

He is very cautious. He tells you to put your seatbelt on. He's set in his ways and doesn't like change. He hates to be late. He is so my child! I could go on and on about Slade. I love this kid. He has been the light of my life ever since they rolled me into the nursery and I saw him laying in the warmer. He was mine-they were actually letting me take him home. I would give my life for him and all those other things a mother feels for a child. God picked well. He's definitely a keeper.


Crystal said...

Awww! Tear!

Anonymous said...

The best part is he still lets Cita and Nana kiss him and doesn't seem tooo embarassed by it. He also still runs up to me when I pick him up from school and I get a big hug!! I do love my Number 1 Boy! (even if he is alot better at Leggoes (sp) than I am) Cita

Funky Finds said...

What a little sweetie! It's very heartwarming to hear you talk so lovingly about your little boy :) So happy that you have such a nice family! Hugs!

Tandy said...

He really is a great kid! How could he not be, look at you two! You are right about the milestones. Im so proud to see Tucker reading at night, but totally have my feelings hurt that he didn't ask me to read it for him. Just another chapter I suppose....sigh