Sunday, May 30, 2010

School's Out For Summer!!!

My baby is officially a second grader. Boo, hoo, sniff, sniff. He finished his last day of first grade on Thursday. I remember when I was in second grade for goodness sake! I just cannot believe it.

This was his awards ceremony. I thought he looked quite handsome in his plaid shorts.

We were really in a crowd of parents, so the photos weren't top notch. Slade received the Social Studies award. He told me that Mrs. Johnson whispered in his ear that we knew everything about states and maps! So cute!!!

Slade and Mrs. Johnson. We were so blessed to have her as his teacher this year. She loved my baby all year long and taught him so much. He loves Mrs. Johnson.

This is my girl at her end of year Sugar and Spice program. She performed a Mockingbird Song in her straw hat. She likes to perform. She kept waving at us-even though she couldn't see where we were in the crowd. I messed up recording her song on my camera. It has video and after she was done, I realized I never pushed the record button. I sat through the whole song thinking I was recording her. I was so upset I missed getting it. But take my word for it, she was terribly cute!!!


Jerilynn said...

yay for sweet summer days! Can't believe our babies are getting so big. Does Finley start kinder next year or the year after?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that we couldn't get there to see it, but I know she was the cutest one there. Maybe next year we will have no sickness to deal with and we can all be there. Love the pic of Slade and his teacher. Cita