Sunday, May 16, 2010


Literally, we have chicks.

Slade's class at school hatched baby chicks. They grew in an incubator for a while. It was very exciting. We heard about the chicks progress each day. Evidently there is an art to hatching the little boogers. Right temperature and moisture-more than I had ever thought about. There seems to be some expert chick hatching teachers in first grade.

Kyle likes to blame it on me, but I know better. He thought we could take some chicks home and keep at his shop. The Smart's now own 4 chicks. At one point, he and Slade were planning on a chicken coop and mass producing our own fresh eggs. They have calmed down now. Chicks, you see, are quite a handful. And they grow fast. Really fast. They had hopped the bucket and were resting on the lawnmowers the other morning Kyle got to work. And they eat a lot. We are in the process of acquiring a larger habitat.

We named them Piper, Marcus, Olivia, and Alice. I snuck my Twilight name in unbeknownst to Slade. He told me no Bella or Edward. Little did he know about a sassy little vampire named Alice Cullen! We have had lots of fun with the chicks so far. Not sure how much longer they will be Lubbock residents. We are considering a move to the ranch. They can be serious chickens there. They would be ranch chicks, not city chicks.

And since we are discussing chicks, here's another one. This chick loves to pose. Then she likes me to show her the photo of herself immediately afterwards. She's never known a life without digital cameras. When I was a child, you took pictures until the film roll was finished, sent it to Kodak, and basically it was a huge surprise what you got back. The biggest decision was whether or not to get glossy or matte, singles or doubles. Boy, don't kids these days have it easy...........

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