Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Fairy Tale....Sort of

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Finley. She looked really cute in this bunny dress, but that statement is not part of this tale. It's just a fact. By a biased mother. She's really cute.

In a land far far away, it was a special holiday known as Easter. All the people like to hunt eggs and celebrate Jesus. Jesus, eggs, bunnies-in that order, Jesus being the most important.

The little girl had a great-grandmother she liked to call, Nana. Nana you see, is a very special lady. She likes to send you chocolate for Valentine's Day, lottery tickets for Christmas, and lots of cards in between. Most feel very lucky when they open their cards and there is a special monetary surprise inside. It makes you all tingly inside when you open it. Some have even been known to buy groceries and diapers with their little surprises. Never mind, that's another fairy tale.

Anyways, the little girl got really excited when she opened her card. She normally likes to put her money in her piggy bank. But on this sunny day, the little girl felt overly generous. She decided to split her money with all her family. So the little girl went away and got very quiet and very busy over at her magical little art table in the corner. And when she returned....................

She had used her magical spell (aka zebra scissors) to divide up all her money for all her family-without even going to the bank. And her sweet little innocent face fell the minute we all burst out in sweet laughter. The little girl ran away and was not heard from again. Well, for at least 10 minutes until she got over her embarrassment after she realized that money must be divided at the bank. So we replaced the $5 with one in Daddy's wallet, and the little girl lived happily ever after. No charges were pressed at that time.
The End


The Stanford Family said...

What a thoughtful little girl you have!!!!!

Love it!

Cari said...

I am laughing hard and can see her doing it! Glad you keep a blog about all these things...they'll treasure it one day!