Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did You Hear???

To all of my Twilight Lovers/Crazies/Slightly Psycho (that would be me), here is an extra treat for your reading enjoyment!!!

Stephenie Meyer is releasing this short story in June. No people, it's not as exciting as if she would have gotten on the ball and written Midnight Sun, but it's something.
Stephenie Meyer, why will you not write the fifth book? What are you waiting on? Just write it already. Ok, sorry, had to get that off my chest.
I'm not sure why, but she chose the newborn vampire, Bree, from the Eclipse novel to write about. She is also releasing the book for free to download from June 7th till July 5th, just as a treat for all her faithful fans. Kinda cool I thought. Very nice, since she doesn't really need much money seeing that she made the Forbes list. When you make that list, you can give people a free book I suppose. And if you do buy the book, $1 will go to the American Red Cross. So it's a win-win situation.
I'm not exceptionally jazzed about this character, but I will read it. And then dream about her writing Midnight Sun. Which is Edward's narrated version of Twilight. Please, Steph, please please write for Edward. My heart really needs this book.....Oh, and you can read some info about the new book here and here
P.S. For some of those that didn't know this, when you click on my second "here", you'll arrive at Stephenie Meyer's official website. Then click on Twilight Series at the top. Click on Midnight Sun and scroll to the bottom. You can click on Midnight Sun Draft and read the first 2oo and some odd pages of that book. You can't print it, you can just read it from that site (I think). It's just enough to get you excited and then it stops. But it's sooo good. I love it more that Twilight!!! Well, it's Edward's story, of course I would love it! Ha!!!

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