Thursday, April 15, 2010

Public Service Announcement

From the looks of the responses on my facebook wall and message center, I have decided to formally issue an apology to all my friends. I am so very sorry I put a link to the place where you could read the draft of Midnight Sun. I am equally sorry that your day was corrupted by a dreamy vampire and now you know his true feelings about Bella. I'm sorry you now long for Stephanie Meyer to write the book, that you are actually furious that she hasn't done this simple task. You probably wasted a whole few hours reliving your love for Twilight and New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I am truly sorry from the very bottom of my sparkly vampire Robward lovin' heart. I do apologize.................
NOT!!!!!!!! And you're welcome for the hot photo at the top. Toodles.

1 comment:

The Boyd Gang said...

Thanks for the HOT photo. it was a nice finish to my day of day dreaming about Edward! Have you seen the movie "Remember Me" with him in it? I think that is what it's called....anyways it was really good and he did a wonderful job.