Friday, January 1, 2010


As in, black eye! This Christmas brought us many great presents, time with our family, remembering Jesus' birthday, and Slade's first black eye!!!

While catching a football with his grandad, Slade flinched as it flew towards him. Unfortunately, the television stand was right in his path and he flinched right into it!!! It took him down! I thought it was going to be busted open and require stitches, but we lucked out!

Must have been that two yolked egg.


Jerilynn said...

a christmas shiner - ouch!

Jerilynn said...

oops - it wasn't your fault. I forgot to paste in the section that was for the background. You could have gotten it from Allie's site - but anywho - I am soooo sorry for the confusion. I am not sure what happened to your favorites for that brief time. LOL