Thursday, December 31, 2009

Plum Tired

This year has flat worn me out. I'm pooped! I've done hundreds of flips and jumps. Learned many new things at preschool. Sang like Taylor Swift. Gained a chihuahua. Expressed my sassy attitude. Ditched diapers. Ditched my good'ole crib for a big girl bed. Grown at foot. Eaten zillions of chocolate chips. Drank 150 gallons of apple juice. Got my first pair of ballet shoes. Made new friends. Colored 50 coloring books. And too much more to mention. Goodbye 2009. Hello new beginnings. Look out 2010-here comes a skinny priss with blond piggies. And hopefully a new mattress-this wood is hard.


Jerilynn said...

I laughed out loud because I had trouble with that word to - so much so I am shying away from even typing it again.
How was your christmas? Time just flies doesn't it. I see that you got your countdown clock switched out. I am sorry I didn't get to it. I will help you with a blog make-over shortly. I promise. Happy 2010 to you and the ones you love. hugs, Jer

Jerilynn said...
I played today and have a look and see if you want to use it. Jer