Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Castaways

So I decided to venture out and check out a book by an author I've never read before. You see, I rarely go out on a limb and find different authors. My heart belongs to mystery books, mostly. I also adore Mary Higgins Clark and the Stephanie Plum Novels by Janet Evanovich(in which I highly recommend if you want to sit by yourself and laugh aloud). And of course, I heart Danielle Steele even though my precious English teacher called them "fluff". Yes, Mrs. V-P, you said that, but I still love them. The problem is that I have run out of books from my preferred authors. I've read them all and I must broaden my horizons. And that very leap of faith lead me to, ahhh yes, the beloved Twilight series. And I must say, to me, the ending of the Twilight series was a bit like my wedding. It was so exciting and fun and wonderful and then it was over. The white dress was put in storage. Cake was gone. Flowers gone. File folder of cloth swatches stored upon a shelf. And I was so sad it was over. Don't get me wrong, I took home a really great guy that I wouldn't trade for the world, but dancing with all your friends and family and being the center of attention in a beautiful dress for a day was fantastic. I could have my wedding at least three times a year and thoroughly enjoy myself, of course still marrying the same handsome man each time. My wedding was so much fun! That's how I felt when I closed the last page of Breaking Dawn. It was over. No more words to read. No more Edward quotes or Bella debacles or wolves morphing. Or aliens from outer space-just kidding-just vampires, no aliens. I don't do science fiction unless it revolves around a Cullen vampire or well, that's about it. So, anywho, I gathered myself up after coming to the realization that I really wasn't going to live in Forks with Edward and I had run out of books from my other favorite authors. I went to my friend's house, a girl who actually buys new books (I love this-everyone must have a friend who purchases brand new hardbacks!) and rummaged through her bookshelf. I picked a Jennifer Weiner novel and really enjoyed it. That gave me the encouragement I needed to read some different books. All would still be right with the world, even if Edward Cullen was not driving his silver Volvo or Stephanie Plum never once kissed Joe Morelli. I could actually read other books and LIKE them!!! Who knew!?!

So I just finished this new Elin Hilderbrand novel and it was lovely. It was a "seven day" from the Lubbock County Library. I was a bit stressed to have a time limit, I must admit. I kept telling Kyle that I had to finish it-it was due on Tuesday. After about three nights of my library anxiety, Kyle calmly told me they would not send the cops to the house if my book was a few days late. Ok, so I was being ridiculous, but I sure wanted to keep my word to the Lubbock County Library! So this was a fun read and it takes place on the East Coast which I love because Mary Higgins Clark books take place on the East Coast. I do recommend it. I turned it in today and can I please tell you I checked out another one of her books and already read some of it today! I think I really like this author. I feel so free and liberated that I ventured outside my realm of book comfort zone!

I'm walking on the wild side and it's so much fun! Next thing you know, I'll be buying red underware and skipping my vitamins.............................


Anonymous said...

Did you read good in bed. I never read anything and I read the Jennifer Weiner books. Have your read Robert Parker books. You should call Ellie. She takes sacks of mystery novels to the hospital. She would let ;you have them first. You must try the friends of the library book sale twice a year. Hardbacks for $1. She gets lots 0f hers there.

Anonymous said...

Did I really say "fluff" - if so, overlook such comments and read whatever you enjoy! I just read your friend Jerrilyn's comment on "The Help" and totally agree. I couldn't put it down and I read it the old-fashioned way - propped up in bed with some good snacks. Woe is me. Also loved "The Glass Castle" - and get this. The same author, Jeannette Walls, has a brand new book out, a novel based on truth, about her grandmother who was a rancher in West Texas on the banks of the PECOS RIVER! Thought that would get your attention! I am thrilled you are a reader - and not surprised. Love, Charlena