Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Craft

Upon request, I made this bow holder for Campbell's room to match with her new Pottery Barn big girl bedding. It was her Christmas gift and I had to admit, it turned out absolutely adorable. I love it and it matches so well with her new room duds! I was very happy with it.

The nice sized square frame was $4 from Goodwill and had some cheesy 1980's kitchen heart in it. I threw all that out and spray painted the frame with ballet pink - about 100 coats of ballet pink! It was hard to cover with such a light paint. I wasn't totally happy with the pink finish so I threw on the blue rickrack since she has some rickrack on her bedding. It looked great and really added to it. I love the ribbon and was pleased stumble upon the cupcake spool. The flowers were cardboard scrapbooking stickers that I hot glued on each corner. Super cute-I think Brandi really liked it.

This was the cute xmas dress I ordered off of Etsy with the vintage material that screams preciousness! The great part is, that next year, she can wear it as a shirt!

My other favorite xmas item that the girls wore. I came across this Christmas cupcake fabric and our friend (and fellow Twilight partner-in-crime), Natalie from Dallas, whipped this up for the girls. Yes, she should go into business!!! And no, Natalie, Edward is my boyfriend, not yours.

Slade, with our favorite Kindergarten teacher in the whole wide world! We love her and miss her!

Slade with his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson. She is an absolute doll! She is the tiniest thing! We have been really blessed with our teachers at his school-they are wonderful!

This is my favorite table in the whole wide world. Mom got it for S & F for Christmas. I came across it in a Step2 magazine. The kicker for me was the two bins that hold crayons! Genius! And see the four clips at the top to clip artwork. And it comes with the cutest stools. Finley spends a good portion of her day at this table. I highly recommend this item. It solves the crayons all over the floor problem. Thanks, Cita!!!

See how cute the material is?!?!

I love girl stuff!!! Would someone teach me how to sew? The 4-H sewing class in third grade just didn't do it for me.


Jerilynn said...

I wish we could craft together. I know we could do some damage with frames, ribbon, and chalkboard paint...and twilight playing in the background...and a plate of sugar cookies.

Funky Finds said...

The bow holder is adorable. You totally need to sell these on The Shops @ Funky Finds along with your jewelry! Get on it girl. You could be raking in the cash. I can't believe how big Campbell is now! The girls look precious in their Xmas outfits!!! Jess