Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go Mats, Go!!!

Slade had his friend, Jackson, spend the night yesterday and we went to the Boys Regional Playoff games at the Tech Spirit Area last night. We caught the end of the Seminole/Liberty Hill game and watched Estacado play Burkburnett. I was a great game and Estacado ended up winning and will play Seminole at 7pm tonight. The funniest thing was that the boys were cheering at one point. Jackson was yelling, "Dribble It, Pass It, We want a Basket!" Slade(having not seen many basketball games in his short life although he did go to the State BBall Tournament in Austin when he was a baby) was yelling, "Make the Shoot!", instead of "shot". Kyle and I were getting tickled. And Miss Finley, never missing a thing, was yelling, "Go Mats!" (as in Estacado Matadors) as she ate her fruit roll ups.

After last night, I have come to the conclusion that Jackson's parents have a much calmer child and have done a better job of making their children behave in public. Maybe we still have time for some correction of our parenting skills in that area. Also, the five dollar Cokes at the Spirit Arena a such a rip-off. I mean, were we at the movies????

The boys stayed up really late last night, so I was excited that we were going to get to sleep in this morning. WRONG! I woke up to voices in our kitchen- they were eating breakfast with Kyle at ten till eight this morning. Nice boys! I forgot how excited you are when friends come sleep over and sleep isn't on the agenda! Well, at least they'll sleep good tonight! They are having a ball-I love it!!!

Happy Saturday to all!


Crystal said...

Sounds like you are having fun. We would love to see you during your spring break. We will be back in town on Tuesday of that week. As long as you are healthy we would love for you to come and hold the babies. Unfortunatly we still can't have any kids over until April. Maybe Cita can watch them while you and Brandy come to visit. Hope to see you soon.

Jerilynn said...

I typed a whole message here and it wouldn't post! I just wanted to say what a fun sleepover for Slade!