Monday, May 26, 2014

Gunnar's Swim Lessons

Gunnar has been busy all month taking swim lessons! He took 10 private lessons and we discovered that he is a fish just like the rest of my kids!!! He is excellent at swimming under water!

 His teacher, Miss Carrie, was so sweet and kind to him. She really helped him so much. He learned to stop and take breaths, swim longer distances, how to yell for help, and many more water safety rules.

 When he finished all his lessons, Miss Carrie brought him a giant Hershey bar!!! The swim lessons were very important. I told her that he needed to be able to fall in the water and get himself back to safety. This was super important because we have been working on an awesome project in our backyard for the last several months..................................

This little beauty is now in our backyard!!! Welcome to the Smart Family Pool..... aka Hours & Hours of Summer Fun!!!

 This is the first swim ever in our new pool!!! They started it on Valentine's Day. We were able to fill it the second week of May!!! Let me tell you-this family is one EXCITED bunch!!!

It is beautiful and we are beside ourselves excited!!! I have all the photos of the progress that I cannot wait to blog about!!!

Campbell, Finley, Slade, & Gunnar on one of first days that the pool was filled.

 Testing out the water one day in his undies!!!

I suspect Campbell will be a regular visitor this summer!

Slade and Ben taking a "night swim". We still cannot believe that this is in our backyard!!! It is fantastic!!! If you need any of the Smarts, you can find us here......................

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Mandi Watts said...

That is so awesome! It's a really beautiful pool, and I know you guys will enjoy it so much!