Sunday, April 13, 2014

Smart Happenings.......

My little Smarts have been busy lately!!! 

Finley went to Coronado cheer camp. This is Finley and her friend, Bailey.

Finley & Gunnar with the mustang after the performance on the last night.

This was Finley's group teacher-she was so sweet and such a cutie!

The mustangs even performed really silly dances.

Another sweet Coronado cheerleader. They were so good with the little girls.

We had to take Slade to a football party that had been delayed from the winter. It was way across town, so Finley, Gunnar, & I decided to stay close instead of driving all the way home. We found a Bahama Bucks and decided to partake in some snow cones!!!

 Finley had bubble gum, G had orange, and I had coconut. Yum!!!!

Can we please discuss the fact that my son is going to JR HIGH in August?!? I think I've just been avoiding thinking about it, but it is here. Kyle and I had to take him to a welcome night at Irons. I actually felt really good about it. Everyone loves the principal and the school is very nice. Big, but nice.  Slade is actually very excited. He is my happy go lucky child. He just takes everything in stride. I'm so glad he is like that. He is excited about all the classes they offer. He was also thrilled about the fact that the cafeteria offers Chick-fil-A sandwiches at lunch. Football and Chick and friends. What else does an eleven year old need??? 

Here is his choice sheet. For the electives, he picked athletics and then chose band. He is not really my musical child, so I asked why he picked band. He said that he would rather play an instrument than sing or paint! LOL! I don't see him loving choir. He thinks he might want to play coronet. 

In other news, Finley lost yet another tooth. 

Sunday afternoon ice cream sandwiches with Emma.

This boy has started swim lessons. Lots to tell about this. I will have to blog about this one all on its own. Let's just say I have a little fish on my hands.

And the best thing about swim lessons.......someone was actually tired. Mind boggling, I know.

Once per month, we have half days at the big kids school for teacher inservice. I keep our little friend, Logan on these days while his mom works. We went out to the shop and played in the mud. Mud and snacks and sun. It was great!!!

Slade and Kaleb rode the golf cart around and hung out. Finley went with Jennifer and Emma to the mall. I had a handful of boys all afternoon!!!

If you have never given brussel spouts a try, you might now. I bought fresh ones, cut off the stem and cut them into fourths or sixths depending on the size, Then I cut some bacon into pieces and sauteed it all in a little olive oil and lemon pepper. OH MY!!! So good, and so easy!!! The pic is not so great, but then again, I am no food photographer. They were very yummy-take my word for it!

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Mandi Watts said...

I LOVE Brussel Sprouts and will have to give your recipe a try! Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun!