Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Really we've been busy, but since I'm too lazy to load the photos from my phone or camera this morning, here are a few pics that were on my computer....

 This girl can rock some leggings. She is cute in anything, really.

 We went to a PTA general meeting where Finley sang and Slade received his 1st Place UIL medal. Gunnar ran into Saylor-she is in his class at school. They thought it was so funny to see each other somewhere else besides school. Gunnar had to go hug her.

The boys posing with a load of Kyle's trees.

 Group photo!

 King of the hill! Nothing screams cool dude more that a jacket with a monkey on it that your mom made you wear.

 One night Kyle told Finley to go feed her dog. She designed her initials and a peace sign out of dog food. The art classes are starting to pay off.

Slade was helping with a VERY VERY VERY EXCITING project that we are working on in our backyard!

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