Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

At the last minute, we decided to run to the ranch for Easter.

 Here is our before church photo-Kyle was with us at the ranch but I did not get a photo of him.

 Thursday before Easter, Gunnar had his egg hunt at school that morning.

 And a little party in the afternoon! This is G and his friend, Drew.

 A little party treat. Gunnar even ate a raw carrot, which shocked me. I guess he was in the bunny rabbit spirit.

 The big kids had Good Friday and Monday off for Easter break. On the way to the ranch, at one point, Gunnar was using two electronic devices. He was actually looking back and forth at both! My boy is such a great multi-tasker.........and yes, that is ridiculous.

When we got there on Friday afternoon, we helped Cita and Big Dad clean out the swim tank. We found two frogs. On Saturday, Nana came out and we ate lunch with everyone, including PeeWee & Cindy and Dawson. That afternoon, we dyed eggs. Five dozen to be exact!!!

 We love a good craft.

 I think Slade dyed one egg. He's too cool for eggs. Punk.

 Gunnar never bothered to change out of pajamas the entire day. Punk. He loved hunting him some eggs!!!

 Finley and her egg loot. I love some good ol' hard boiled eggs. Don't even think that we use plastic round here. Real eggs, baby!!!

Finley hid eggs for Gunnar. Gunnar hid some eggs for Finley. He was very excited to hide them for her-he ran all over the yard!!! It was a most pleasant weekend!!!

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Crystal said...

It was great seeing you all at church that Sunday. Your family is beautiful.