Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Too Fast Fall

Oh my goodness! Is anyone else flustered that it's already NOVEMBER?!? What the heck??? I mean, I'm not joking when I say that I was just meeting friends at the pool to swim. I cannot believe how fast Fall is just zipping by! I love Fall and it seems to get shorter and shorter every year. Slade finished his football season on Sunday. It's already time to eat Thanksgiving lunch with Finley this week. I need to look for a Christmas tree! My head is just spinning. EEEKKKK! I have some great Halloween photos amongst others on my Nikon, but here's a few quickies that were on my phone! Here we go!!!!

 My Halloween Smarties! A monster, a pink leopard cat, and Scream scary man?!?

This dude was not having the Indian costume I bought him. He actually screamed and cried and threw a fit. He would not wear it. He kept saying that he was going to be a dinosaur. This is as close as we got to a dinosaur as we looking for a costume the day before Halloween. He picked this. I'm not really sure what it is. I think he looks like the monster that's in the story, Where the Wild Things Are!

 Here are two of my silly kids while painting and carving pumpkins! It's so funny, I have these dreams of doing all these awesome things with pumpkins and making these elaborate pumpkin scenes on my front porch that I pin on Pinterest. Then life happens. I carved one big jack-o-lantern and sat out my acrylic paints and all was well. They loved it and I didn't even try to help make their painted pumpkins "pretty". I just let them have at it. Homemade front porch decor.....check.

 Kyle and I went to a Tech game.....alone, as in, with no children. What a relaxing treat! I did not have to buy $80 worth of treats and overpriced Cokes. It was glorious!!!

And the next weekend I was evidently smoking crack, and I took my three kids to the game alone. We met B and Campbell there. Sometimes I think I take on more that I bargain for! Ha! It was the last home game and they were honoring Purple Hearts, and it was actually super cool!

In all honesty, the kids really did fine. Gunnar lost interest in five minutes so he sat under the seats and watched Netflix on Brandi's phone. Besides the fact that I spent one hour dressing us warm clothing and when we got there the sun was so stinkin' hot, we were stripping off clothing left and right, we still had an Ok time. I was happy when we left at halftime. I took four kids home and B stayed with her friends. The stands are overrated!!! LOL!

 Slightly stripped down rat pack.

Finley's super cute turkey that she had to decorate for school.

 Some people might call this kitchen messy. I like to say it's "well used". That's what I'm going with today.

Forgot this one pic that I have to include......6 or 7 troopers parachuted into the stadium before the game!!! That was worth all the trouble of getting to the game with three kids! It was so awesome!!!

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Mandi Watts said...

I love your kitchen pic! Makes me feel more normal. And, I'm borrowing the term "well-used," but I'm applying it to my whole house! :)