Saturday, November 23, 2013

Halloween Day 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy! As soon as the kids got home from school on Halloween Day, we celebrated Kyle's 36th birthday! This little spook was born on Halloween night.

 Kyle wanted a white chocolate cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. That is his favorite flavor.

 What's really ironic about Kyle is that he does NOT like Halloween. He hates dressing up. I think it comes from all the years he had to share his big day with the trick or treaters! Haha! For someone born on Halloween, he is not very festive!!!

We always try to acknowledge his birthday before we partake in the Halloween rituals.

 We made him his own personalized bday pumpkin.

 Gunnar was helping to unwrap gifts.

Birthday cheese!

 After we did cake and presents, the kids got dressed up in their costumes.

 Then we ran to Brandi's house for a fun Halloween party.

 By far the favorite activity was the cookie decorating table. Have you ever seen a little green monster decorate a cookie?

Or a pink cat decorate a cookie, for that matter?

 Slade enjoyed the face painting and picked a Texan logo like his football team.

 Finley picked flowers and Gunnar would not participate.

 Snow White and three non-dwarfs.

After the party, we came home and met some friends to trick or treat around our neighborhood. Our hood is a great place to go trick or treating. Here's Finley's candy loot.

 Gunnar's loot. Our next door neighbors have a huge haunted house that people line up down our sidewalk to see. They decorate the first floor of their house and even use the side of our house. It's a huge deal. We weren't sure what to expect. It was really loud, and we could hear them in our bedroom and Gunnar's bedroom. About ten o'clock, though, they started wrapping things up. Next year, Halloween is on Friday night, so it may still be going strong at midnight. We shall see!

Here are some pics of our pumpkin carving. We didn't actually do it on Halloween day, but I'm sneaking them in anyways!

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