Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gunnar's 3rd Birthday-Rocket Ship Style

Last Saturday, we had the BEST party!!! It was at our house, and it was a blast!!!
We went into full Rocket Ship mode!

 Love, love this pic of my birthday boy!

 Say cheese! Mom brought us this hot water heater box, and I transformed it into Gunnar's personal ship!

 Rocket ship favors=toliet paper rolls wrapped in chevron paper and tissue paper filled with candy and gum. If you tear the tissue paper end off, you get the treats!

 Cutest cake!

 Chocolate star cupcakes

Finley and I made Oreo star pops.

 Rocket ship crackers from Trader Joes.

 Cheese balls were transformed into Asteroids.

 Had to have some Moon Pies.

 And Starbursts......

 And Milky Way mini bars to keep with the space/rocket theme, of course.

 Rocket ship sucker....

 I love paper straws so much!

 The whole spruced up table. I bought the cutest rocket ship material. I'm going to do a project and Gunnar's room with it.


 Cheddar cheese stars. Yes, I cut out cheese with a cookie cutter and I did love it. It was therapeutic.

I used Pioneer Woman's layered Jello treat recipe and them cut it out in star shapes. I can tell you that this was the first and last time I will be doing this. Very difficult and time consuming.

 Capri Suns=Rocket Fuel!!!

 Sweet birthday boy!


 Big Dad


We rented a jump house that had two slides. I was a big hit! All kids loved it!!!

 See, he was very happy!

 Jackson happened to be in town and stayed with us.

 Melissa, Laney, Beth

 One table was a space themed sticker page that they could make.

 Slade's friend has sisters that are on the Coronado Pom Squad and they made Gunnar this awesome rocket!

 Make a rocket ship using Legos.

G man and Miss Violet

 Finley, Campbell, Violet, & Logan

 The cookie making station was also a huge hit!

 They could decorate these sugar cookies.

 Basically I had to make Gunnar, Finley, & Campbell leave the table so there were enough cookies left for other kids to decorate.

 Sugar stars, anyone?

 Hard at work!

One of Gunnar's finished cookies.

 And another one with even more icing!

 Laney Wells

 All the grands

 One of our neighbors twin babies.

 Laney and Travis

 Melissa, Anndee, & Daren. Anndee is having a new baby in the Spring! Yay!

 Candle blowing time!

 Violet loves her some chocolate cupcake.

 Miss Camille and Finley are best friends. Camille is one of 7 kids! They live on our street.

 Finny and her cookie!

 We love this boy!

 Lots of great gifts.

 Gunnar's favorite babysitter and her mother gave him this giant yellow truck and a ten pound bag of candy to load into the back. I would say it was one of the best gifts of the day!

 See, he's proud. And insane on a sugar high.

 We love our Cita & Nana!

 What's a party without balloons!

Campbell Grace had a blast! We had a great party and then went and celebrated Brandi's 40th that night! It was one, big, crazy party day!!!!!!


Funky Finds said...

Wow! What an adorable & crafty party!!!! I love all the family pics, especially the one of your mom & dad with all the grandkids. They both look so good, as does Nana!!!!

Mandi Watts said...

What a fun theme! Looks like it was a super-fun party!