Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School Schmool

First we tried to ignore it. We've been in denial. Then we were downright mad. But no matter how we acted, the 27th rolled around and it was time for another school year. Wasn't I just humming "school's out for summer"? Summer gets shorter every single year.

This is my official Kindergartener. She is in big school kinder now and her teacher is Mrs. Malone. She looked so cute in her dress. I love it so much. Honestly, she really has not been all that jazzed about school. There have been lots of tears which rips my heart out. The first week was sad. This week seems to be better. I have high hopes. We've been walking her to her room each day and this morning Slade took her. Hope that worked out!

                                                        Group photo with little brother.

Gunnar's first day of Sugar & Spice was yesterday morning. He will go on Tues/Thurs from 9-2:30. He had his new shirt, lunch box, and backpack. He was excited! He didn't cry when I left him. When I picked him up, his teacher, Ms. Marla, said that he slept the entire nap time, ate all his food, made some Bible crafts, and never cried once! His day was super!

He was very concerned about his lunchbox during the photo session. I'm glad he gets to go play two days each week because we both felt lost without Finny at the house last week. He just kinda walked around the house, looking for something to play with. It was weird without her there. He's never been without his sister.

My big 4th grader! So darn old now. He was not excited about school starting but in typical Slade fashion, he fell right in and is doing great. This is my kid who has never complained about getting up in the mornings and pretty much likes school. He has Ms. Ray and three other teachers for the other subjects. He said they started working the first day-it wasn't as fun as the lower grades.

So we did fall into school mode last week, whether we wanted to or not. I'm not used to it either, but I guess we will all come around. It's just hard to give up summer, even dry, hot ones. School, schmool.

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