Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Smart Happenings.......

Life is busy around our house. Just a few things we've been up lately..........

Taking a watermelon break before summer ends. 

 Slade lost, yet, another tooth.

 Sort of looks gross-he pulled it at school and the coach told him to stick it in his pocket-I just thought that was funny!

Brandi and I took the kids to see Ice Age Continental Drift-this was Gunnar's first movie!!! He did pretty well. We trapped him in a little area at the top. It also helped that we went on a Wednesday after school and nobody else was in the theater. It was a good "first movie" situation.

 Someone learned to ride without training wheels and also can tie her shoes!!! Yippee!

 G is playing with lots of firetrucks and loves Mickey Mouse.

 Slade and friends have figured out how to climb in the tree and jump off onto the tramp. Hmmmmm. And I removed the poles so they don't impale themselves-always a plus.

 6:45 comes early every morning.

 Slade's football games every Sunday afternoon. 

 Shopping-kids eat alot. I've been making lots of lunches.

 Coronado Texan football

 My dad made us these AWESOME shelves for Slade's room. I LOVE them!

 Caught a turtle in the backyard. We seem to have lots of turtles in our life.

Gunnar says Happy Tuesday!

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